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Cover Reveal- Order of Malice By Lisa Caviness

Title: Order Of Malice
Author: Lisa Caviness
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 12, 2017
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Armed with a new identity, Reid Patterson plans to join the FBI hoping to right the wrongs of The Order, a sinister faction controlled by his murderous, biological family. But Reid’s plans go awry when a young girl pleads for his help, bringing fresh threats, a beautiful woman, and a thrill-seeking boy. The countdown begins ticking toward a fiery contest of will and passion.
Foster care psychologist Holly Babson, dreams of a life where her escaped convict father and the memories of her sister’s horrific death are both locked away. While helping a runaway teen, death returns to her doorstep, revealing the teen’s connection to The Order. Holly’s life pivots as her past, her fears, and her heart are locked in vicious turmoil.
Denied a place in The Order, wealthy businessman Ivan Sinclair will stop at nothing to reclaim the top seat in his family’s insidious organization. A deadly game is his vehicle to amass even more power.
Reid and Holly’s worlds collide with the diabolical force of The Order, and Ivan’s cold-blooded plot. Together, they must fight for their lives while learning to trust their hearts.

Reid rubbed his eyes and wandered into the kitchen. He assembled milk and chocolate mix to make hot cocoa as he stared out into the dark. The snow fell in heavy cascades of white and he concluded he would be digging out from at least a foot by morning. He shivered and jogged over to the new thermostat, punching up the temperature. Although he rented the old house, the elderly gentlemen owner allowed him to make a few modifications. A new heater and air conditioner had been a must, and Reid especially appreciated the upgrades on cold mornings and blistering afternoons.
As he made his way back to the kitchen, a knock sounded on the front door. He glanced at his watch. Ten in the evening. Who could this be? Angling his head, he squinted through the peephole. He didn't recognize the person at the door. He sighed and took another peek. Red coat with a large hood. What are the chances Little Red Riding Hood stood outside his door? Reid stiffened and pulled open the door. “Can I help you?”
A hand covered in a black glove emblazoned with skulls and crossbones pushed back the hood. Not quite the vision he had in mind of an innocent young girl on her way to grandmother’s house.
The hood crumbled down, revealing a young girl about sixteen. With intense blue eyes she stared at him.
Wind whipped snow slapped Reid’s face but he gaze remained on the girl. Something about her scratched his mind.
The girl blinked several times and pulled at her quivering lip. “You tried to kill my mother.”

Copyright © 2016 Lisa Caviness 
All rights reserved.

As a lifelong reader of an eclectic pool of books from mystery/thrillers, science fiction, contemporary romance, and the classics, Lisa Caviness has never been without a book on the nightstand and a long to be read list. Like many writers, she started crafting stories as a child. However as an adult, creativity took a back seat to her career in pharmaceutical and medical device research. In 2013, Lisa decided to get serious about writing and joined Romance Writers of America (Crossroads Romance Writers, Indiana RWA, and Kiss of Death Chapters) and later Sisters in Crime (Speed City Chapter). The education she has received proved invaluable but more importantly the support from fellow writers has enriched her in thrilling and unexpected ways.
Lisa writes romantic suspense.

Sometimes fear is all that keeps you alive.
Murder A senior account, ballet dancer, and future bride, Marissa Nash likes order, and she expects all the pieces of her life to add up. Her bottom line is skewed after she discovers her fiancĂ© has been unfaithful. When Marissa walks in to the unexpected—David dead and her dog, Halo, agitated and restless, she finds her nightmare is only beginning.
Passion David's unenthused best man and traumatized former Army doctor, Justin Tanner understands that a wedding means more than a toast and a kiss. His reluctance stems from feelings that run deeper than they should for the bride. But when he finds Marissa cradling his best friend's lifeless body, can he find a way to suppress his feelings as they uncover David’s secret world?
Evil The seemingly pointless murder launches Marissa and Justin into a wicked web of lies, delusion and danger at the hands of a powerful and psychotic foe.
Murder, passion, evil—who will survive?

Book Trailer Reveal- Conflicted Interest (The Conflicted Series Book 1) By Ava Starke

Title: Conflicted Interest (The Conflicted Series Book 1) 
Author: Ava Starke 
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Sensual Romance 
Release Date: February 14, 2017 
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. 

Theo flies to Athens for a wedding with a plan: stay for the vows, raise a toast, and get the hell back to work. He’s staring down the barrel of the biggest gamble of his career, and can’t afford the distractions of a glamorous city or desirable women; neither of which excite him much anyway.
Until he meets Audrey.
Brilliant, ruthless, and set on conquering the finance world, the young exec would rather be catching a London red-eye, than a mangled wedding bouquet. But when tall, mysterious Theo pulls her onto the dance floor, all thoughts of clients and contracts vanish. The man is intoxicating; his warm touch lingers long after his hands have left her body. They’re from different cities and different worlds—it would never work.
And yet she’s haunted by the brush of his lips against her throat, the delicious press of his body…
But Theo is keeping secrets that could break Audrey’s heart and destroy everything she’s worked for. In this careful dance of power and seduction, has Theo finally met his match?
Conflicted Interest is the first steamy instalment of the sensual contemporary romance Conflicted Series, intended for ages 18+.

This was my first time in Athens. I’d never before had a reason to come, and even this visit was limited to a strict twenty-four hour window. I had tickets for the Turkish team’s football match against Spain the following afternoon in my home city of Istanbul. Wedding or no wedding, this was a match I would not be missing. There were few things I cared for in my life: family; work; football; and, of course, women — predictably, in that order.
The church was tucked just beneath the overbearing hilltop of the Acropolis, a minor player within a much larger scene. Feeling the steam rising from beneath my suit, I stepped into the entryway of the tiny Orthodox enclave and peeked my head in the door to add my face to the congregation.
My mind was wandering, and I imagined how the night would end. Given the last minute brevity of my visit, I hadn’t precooked anything on Tinder, my preferred “dating” app. As a member, I could arrange meet-ups in the days leading up to my trips from anywhere in the world; and that suited my frequent-flier lifestyle perfectly. The application was not without its socially engineered “bugs” though. In London, I had to screen for prostitutes; and in Russia, I once matched with the ex-mistress of a local billionaire who insisted that her former boyfriend had bought her a five million dollar flat in the Khamovniki District of Moscow. Apparently, she was ready for an upgrade. Having far more interesting investments to make, I never heard from her again.
A man couldn’t lose with the app. Either one had a fun hook up or collected excellent cocktail party fodder; and given the grueling travel and difficult hours of my job, I didn’t have time for anything more.
Tonight’s wedding reception party would inevitably go on late. This was more or less the Mediterranean after all; but I was in a state of detox from an intense week of business travel to the U.S., London, Munich, Istanbul, and now this crumbling relic of classical antiquity. I was tired, and it was entirely possible I’d end up in my room asleep before the dancing even started.
An elderly woman tugged at my sleeve, telling me she wanted to inch by me. Stepping aside, I saw the church was painted in white with gold and light-blue accents. Dark, ornately-carved wooden doors created a dramatic scene behind the altar; and large bronze chandeliers with red stained glass hung from the ceiling.
I surveyed the crowd. There were clear distinctions between the locals, probably family, and the wedding couple’s more international friends. I assumed the global constituency was mostly David’s American friends from home, with a smattering of the occasional coworker. There weren’t many young women, maybe fifteen at most — a small pool to pick from.
I redirected my attention to the bride and groom at the front as they walked circles around the altar together. I always found this to be a strange yet amusing custom at Orthodox weddings. Delia, David’s new wife, was beaming with honest joy; and he stood beside her in muted delight. Delia was elegant and statuesque in a long, figure-hugging silk gown. She was a well-known model in New York, and David had scored above his bracket when he landed her as his fiancĂ©. I felt a pang at witnessing their mutual happiness.
My last significant relationship had ended abruptly following my move to Istanbul. I had invited my then girlfriend, Susanne, to move to Turkey with me; but she’d insisted her work in Berlin was too important to her. Nevertheless, I’d really wanted to start a family. At the time we’d been trying for a baby, so we continued on for a few months flying to see each other weekly until I came to the stunning realization that she was cheating on me back home with our neighbor.
It was just as well, since now I questioned whether having a family was even realistic given my lifestyle.
I hadn’t procured anything of lasting importance since; but then again, I was always working. In my thirty-five years of wisdom, love seemed fraught with disappointment.
I’d yet to find a relationship that was worth its intensive investment; and while I knew my energy was better spent at the office, I still held out hope that one day I might find someone who would prove me wrong.
I continued my survey of the little room farther to my right and spotted a row in the back filled with more guests.
Rising from the back corner, she slowly stood up from her wooden seat and signaled to an older man to take her chair. He rejected her proposal and stood taller in his dignity. Smiling, she signaled again to the chair before turning in my direction. In her sky-blue dress and shoes in hand, she made her way toward where I was standing. I wanted her to slide by me as she was sliding past others: the skirt of her dress sweeping their knees as she moved out of the narrow row. She was American; I knew it. European women wore their shoes in church, and they remained for the entirety of the ceremony out of polite obligation.
The straps of her dress were thin and taut against her skin, bracing themselves to hold her breasts in place. I pictured the straps snapping upon the slightest touch. As she passed by me, her shoulder brushed the fabric of my suit jacket. She left out the back doorway as the growing crowd increasingly cornered me into a rear pulpit.
There must have been a hundred people captured inside the small gilded room of spiritual fortification that had a capacity for thirty. I could feel the waves of heat swelling and swirling between the congregation. The ceremony was wilting us all like flowers in a febrile summer; so with no end in sight, I sneaked back out the door to follow her.

Ava Starke is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and undeniable feminist dedicated to creating romance novels and serials that help readers find their escape and inspire their sexiest selves. A transplanted-native of Los Angeles, she now lives in South Florida.

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Hunks To The Rescue by Various Authors #Preorder #BlogTour


Title:  Hunks to the Rescue 
Authors: Margo Bond Collins, Trish McCallan, Krista Ames, Raine English, Tamara Ferguson, Aileen Harkwood, Lynda Haviland, Jody A. Kessler, Katie O’Sullivan, Constance Phillips, Stephanie Queen, Nancy Segovia, Emily Wilder, Jan Romes, Debbie White, Michelle Jo Quinn 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: June 13, 2017 

Heroes by Day…Sinful Bad Boys by Night

Fantasized about being rescued by a red-hot hunk? Indulge in this box set of alpha rescuers with a delicious talent for romance. 15 stand-alone novellas from New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors will steam up your nights and leave you begging for more.

Whether the hunk you lust for is military, a firefighter, first responder, FBI agent, cowboy, bad boy mafioso, or that sexy, everyday guy who plucks you from danger only to kiss you senseless, this bundle has your hero.

15 hunks. 15 heart-pounding rescues--13 brand-new stories. Get ready for a passionate and thrilling ride!

Bound by Temptation by Trish McCallan, "An absurdly cute canine and a hot, sexy SEAL make reading this a delight." –Amazon Review

Saving Necessity by Margo Bond Collins. For this cowboy, risking his life to save a movie star from a fire is easier than risking his heart.

An Unexpected Twist by Krista Ames. Used to fighting wildfires, Boone Michaels isn’t prepared for the sexy stranger who blows into town fighting battles of her own. Nor for the twister that tries to blow her right back out again.

Destiny’s Secret by Raine English. Eden Wright’s fixer of a Savannah mansion comes with two unexpected extras, a not so friendly ghost, and a hunky paranormal investigator whose agenda includes seducing her.

That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson. Can an undercover FBI Agent rescue the woman he loves, when she’s targeted by his father’s killer?

Unreachable Heart by Aileen Harkwood. Mountain rescue expert Hart Renker isn’t counting on sharing a tent in a blizzard with the stunning survivor he pulls from a plane crash, but the heat between them could melt the bitterest cold.

Dark Current by Lynda Haviland. When Ben Kane hitches up to the dock at her troubled marina, with a murky past and a body hotter than the Florida sun, Willow Vega can’t tell, is he destined to be her savior or her downfall?

Unwrapping Treasure (A Granite Lake Romance Novella) by Jody A. Kessler. Two paramedics, one disastrous night shift, and a sexy holiday vacation that changes everything.

Breaking the Rules by Katie O'Sullivan. Undercover at a 5-star resort, police detective and rule-breaker Jake Campbell finds the prime suspect impossible to resist.

Falling for Captain Hunk by Stephanie Queen. Always one to go for the wrong damsel-in-distress, Captain Colin “Hunk” Lynch worries his attraction to a fellow law-enforcement professional could be the mistake of his life…if it prevents him from saving hers.

Fire and Ice (A Sunnydale Days Novella) by Constance Phillips. If only someone warned injured firefighter Brian his old flame, Charlene, would walk into his physical therapy session. He should still be angry with her, but instead, he wants nothing more than to rekindle the flames of passion.

Two More Miles by Jan Romes. Keith Miles, rescues Ava Beckenridge after she falls at the gym, and the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Come Hell or High Water by Nancy Segovia. Stranded on a rooftop with first responder Dwight during a hurricane, Maisie’s resolve to swear off men weakens as she finds some promises are meant to be broken.

Coaching the Sub by Debbie White. Substitute teacher Shannon has her hands full with bullies in her classroom until Coach "Brock" Andrews gives an assist, while also teaching Shannon a thing or two about love.

Path to Grace by Wilder and Quinn. Daughter of a mob boss, Carina wants nothing to do with the family business until she becomes a target in need of a rescue. Enter Matteo, the Family's “cleaner,” tasked with handling messes of the dangerous variety, and the passion between them is most definitely messy.

Hunks to the Rescue Website

Trish McCallan

Margo Bond Collins

Krista Ames

Raine English

Tamara Ferguson

Aileen Harkwood

Lynda Haviland

Jody A Kessler

Katie O’Sullivan

Constance Phillips

Stephanie Queen

Nancy Segovia

Debbie White

Author Quinn

Emily Wilder

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